Meet The Team

Irene - President

Irene has been a member of R.A.T.S for over 20 years and has re-homed over 1000 cats in that time! She has fostered many pregnant cats and helped raise their kittens. She has worked in our Biggleswade shop and been a regular stall holder at our events.


Ivan - Chairman

Ivan has recently joined our team and as well as being an experienced business man and a qualified accountant is already bringing new ideas to RATS and with help from Zoe is helping us to improve the charity for the future and is supporting us in many areas.


Zoe - Vice Chairman & Small Mammals Team Leader

Zoe is our small mammals team leader and former Chair Lady. She set up the small mammals section over 25 years ago and still fosters lots of our animals while they wait for their forever homes. In addition to looking after the needs or all our small and fury friends she also organises our fundraising events throughout the year.


Les  - Committee Member

Les has been involved with R.A.T.S for over 15 years. To name a few of his many responsibilities, Les helps with looking after the maintenance of our kennels at Highfields, helps maintain our membership records and is in charge of our collections tins.

Philippa - Secretary

Philippa is our secretary, she is kept very busy  dealing with all online queries, and sorting out our event adverts. She also organises the committee at meetings so everyone knows what they are doing! You will mostly find Phillipa at our dog shows with a camera in her hand taking photo's of all our winners we would be lost without her.


Kevin - Treasurer

Kevin keeps track of all the money coming in and out of the charity which keeps him very busy! His eye for detail ensures everything is all accounted for nothing gets past Kevin's watchful eye.


Helen - Membership Secretary

Helen is in charge of everything membership related. She also books venues for our events, arranges the print and delivery of our newsletter and distributes event flyers. Helen is very creative and makes wonderful pet beds and bandanna's for our events, plus jams, marmalade and cakes and also seems to find the time to help in our Biggleswade  charity shop.


Paul - Charity Shop Admin

Paul has recently taken over the charity shop administrator role and is busy giving it a facelift , Paul also gets stuck in at every event and can be found doing everything from judging a dog show to manning the BBQ!


Hazel - Small Mammals Team Member

Hazel adores animals and fosters a great many of our small mammals while they wait for their forever homes. Hazel, along with Zoe handles requests from the public about the small mammals and looks after their general well being, including giving them the occasion hair cut! Hazel is a great baker and makes many of the lovely cakes sold at our events. 


Alec - Dog Team Leader

Alec sources most of the new dogs for re-homing that come to our kennels at Highfields, He also follows up on the enquiries from the public about the dogs and often brings some of the dogs looking for homes to our charity events he also does most of the Home Checks and keeps our website up to date and even finds the time to look after our collection bin in the Ware Tesco's


Linda - Committee Member

Linda is one of the RATS founding members and has been highly active in the charity for 30 years. She is main point of contact for any lost and found animals and our information hot line. Among other things, Linda helps deal with feral cats, including neaturing them. You'll find Linda at our fundraising events manning the stalls.


Liz - Cats Team Leader and Fosterer

Liz has been with R.A.T.S for over 10 years. She takes incoming calls and emails regarding the cats, arranges admission of cats coming in to our cattery and vets potential new owners. You'll often find Liz running the craft stall at our events.


Viv - Committee Member

Viv  has brought a wealth of experience about dog rescue's as she has been involved with them for years including one of her own, she also has a great input at our kennels and is responsible for most of the recent improvements that have taken place there. 


Julie - Kennel Manger

Julie and her husband Dean joined us in June 2016 and have brought a new enthusiasm to the kennels including many new ideas and a lot of experience which has already had a real positive impact.



We have a small team of dedicated fosterer?s who look after some of our animals while they search for their forever homes. Foster carer?s play a vital part in our charity, providing individual attention to each animal to help shape them into the best pet they can be.

Cat Team: Liz ; Irene ; Hayley  , Helen 

Small Mammals Team: Zoe , Hazel , Liz , Diane ,  Sarah , Chantelle and Rosie 

Guinea pigs