Butter & Scotch

    Butter and Scotch are a pair of beautiful Lop cross Rabbits and are very friendly , they were handed in to our vet as strays, covered in urine, matted and smelly, they have now been vaccinated, wormed and neutered, and there coats are becoming less yellow.   Since they arrived Scotch has been diagnosed with Pasturella  ( Snuffles ) so they will have to be homed as the only rabbits, could you be the family to give this lovely pair the special home they will need if Scotch needs any treatment in the future for his      ( Snuffles ) Rats will cover the cost

Fluffy and Tuffy

Fluffy and Tufty are two lionhead , sisters and have been looked after in their previous home. Consequently, very tame and friendly. Will need a six foot hutch or a large double hutch.

Full vaccinations and have been neutered.  Ideal child’s pets under supervision. 

For more information please contact Hazel on 01234 357788.

Alternatively please email Philippa at info.rats@gmail.com  who will be pleased to forward your enquiry onto the team.