Meet The Team

Irene - President

Irene has been a member of R.A.T.S for over 25 years and has re-homed over 1000 cats in her time as a fosterer, She has fostered many pregnant cats and helped raise their kittens. She was a regular stallholder at our fundraising events and also volunteers in our shop.


Ivan - Chairman ( trustee )

Ivan is entering his fifth year in the role, Now a retired company chairman and Ceo he brings his experience as a businessman to the charity and as a qualified accountant works closely with Kevin on controls, legal matters and charity legislation. He is constantly working to improve the charity to ensure it continues way into the future. Ivan is often to be seen on the gate at our dog shows and attends the indoor events with a stall selling DVDs and videos.


Kevin - Finance Accounting & Treasury  ( trustee )

Kevin formally reports all financial matters to the committee regarding income and expenses, legacy activities and any potential contract changes needed, he also suggests the majority of necessary policy matters and underlying controls regarding finance.

Philippa - Secretary  ( trustee )

Philippa has been our secretary for many years and is kept very busy  dealing with administrative items for example , emails, online queries, meeting packs, agendas and the minutes from the meetings, she also arranges our posts for Facebook and Twitter.


Zoe - Membership Communications  ( trustee )

Former chair Zoe has been involved with the charity for over 30 years ,Small mammals team leader and fosterer, She also helps to organise events and help produce the newsletter and its distribution. As well as volunteering in our shop she also arranges for the donated electrical goods to be PAT tested before they go on sale in our shop.


Paul - Charity Shop Management  ( trustee )

Paul is in charge of our charity shop in Biggleswade which help raise essential funds for the charity, he organises such things as the volunteer staff rota and ensures stock is turned around as fast as possible, he also finds time to organise our dog shows at our fund raising events through the year.

Les - Animal Welfare ( trustee )

Les ensures the welfare of all our animals is kept up to a high standard, He also collects donated food from pet stores and also organises the distribution and collection of our donation tins, he is also a past chair of the charity 

Alec - Volunteer 

Alec  can often be seen bringing some of the dogs looking for homes to our charity events he also helps with Home Checks and keeps our website up to date he also looks after the donations bin at Jolleys in Stevenage



Hazel  is a former committee member who helps with the fostering of the small mammals , bakes lovely Christmas cakes and makes sure we have up to date details on the boards at our events and in the shop where she also volunteers. 



 Helen is another former committee member, she has a unit in her garden to foster some of the cats, She is also very creative and has a stall at our events where she sells her homemade bandannas , jams and marmalade she also volunteers at the shop.



Linda is a founder member of the charity and has recently retired from the committee. She is the main point of contact for the lost and found animals and also deals with the feral cats and their neutering. She attends all of our events and runs the popular animal tombola stall.


Liz - Cats Team Leader and Fosterer

Liz  is the cat team leader and takes incoming calls and emails for the section, she also arranges the admission of cats to the cattery and vets potential owners. She also has a stall with Nikki at our fundraisers and also volunteers in the shop.


Geoff is our newsletter editor and can be seen helping at our events

Julie - Highfield Kennel Manger

Julie and her husband Dean joined us in June 2016 and have brought a new enthusiasm and experience to the kennels including many new ideas to the now much improved facility. They live onsite in the bungalow and it's a 24/7 role for them which they take in their stride. Many a dog has been turned around by Julie and given a second or even a third chance in their lives. The kennels are supported by a team of dedicated dog walkers who help the charity in all weathers to give the dogs a change of scenery and much needed exercise



Cat team Fosterers , Liz, Angie, Sue, Hayley and Helen

Feral Cat lost and found, Linda

Small Mammals , Zoe, Hazel, Diana, Sarah, Rosie and Nicola


Guinea pigs