Sparky ( reserved )

Born (Approx)
6 years ago
Small to Medium

This characterful chappy is Sparky  he came into our care as he wasn’t getting on with one of his previous home’s other dogs. He has been a little nervous since he arrived at our kennels yesterday, however now he’s getting used to the sights and smells of his surroundings, he’s coming out of his shell. And our terrier-loving Kennel volunteers are more than just a little bit in love with him already!  A typical Jack Russell, Sparky is full of cheekiness and “terrier-tude,” and he has already performed several checks of the perimeters in our field, looking for birds and any other intruders to chase away. Although he’s still a little wary of us, he definitely likes to be with people, as he has been following us around, sitting close to us and he’s happy to be stroked now that he trusts us. He doesn’t like too much fuss though. As long as he is near his favourite people, he’s a happy boy. He’s quite stocky for a Jack Russell, and he’s surprisingly strong, although he walks well on a lead.  Sparky does get on well with other dogs but given the reasons for needing to find a new home, we can only consider a family without other dogs. He’s great with children as long as they don’t smother him, but he’s definitely not keen on cats.


Living with children
I can live with older children and teenagers
Living with dogs
I prefer to live alone
Ideal home location
I prefer to live in a quiet location


The Adoption Process

We have a number of animals in our care. Most are homeless through no fault
of their own and are looking for new homes and owners who can give them the attention they deserve.

Please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with our adoption procedure:

  • Step 1: The animal is admitted into our care, and assessed by our team.
  • Step 2: The animal is examined by a vet, who treats any ailments or injuries. 
  • Step 3: The appropriate team leader will liaise with the potential adopter to assist with their choice of animal.
  • Step 4: The potential new owners meet the animal, and decide if they want to adopt. New owners may be asked to visit the animal several times before the adoption takes place.
  • Step 5: A pre-adoption home visit will then be made to new owners premises to meet the members of the household and to ensure that the environment is right.
    Step 6: If the visit goes well you will be asked to collect the animal and for an adoption donation ( amount on request ) and to sign an agreement to care for the pet with a commitment to return it to us if you can't continue to do so.